Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Manhattan Inn - Williamsburg/Greenpoint

 This is a really great brunch spot. Manhattan Inn has an open main room with tiered floors that dip inward towards a grand piano providing live music and hazy light that flows through a mossy chandelier in the center--it's quite gratifying. Dark wood furnishing everywhere per usual of NYC restaurants, but it comes off  as genuine here. Brunch fare is pretty standard, but executed very well. The roasted beet and quinoa salad was crisp and cold, with a mild mustard dressing: good, but a tad pricy for a $9 salad. Baked beans were soft, tender, strong on the tomato flavors.

 The "Porker" is a petite breakfast sandwich with sausage patty, braised bacon, cheddar and egg on a buttery brioche bun. Can't really go wrong with that. The buttery brioche and the sausage and bacon  grease and juices mesh together for something of a super rich taste that goes well with the chipotle mayo. It's a compact treat at $11.

The French toast here is large undertaking with three giant slabs of cakey and crispy brioche covered in cream cheese, fruit, nuts and elderberry syrup. Visually, very satisfying. Regarding your health? Probably not the best option, but you wouldn't be ordering a cake for breakfast if you had any health qualms in the first place.

 All in all, a solid option for brunch, haven't made it over for dinner yet, but I expect good things. Staff is friendly and the atmosphere is really quiet, seems like a lot of older crowds head here for brunch and the piano ramblings are a pretty big draw as well.  

632 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222, 718 383 0885 Manhattan Inn
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