Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kefi - Upper West Side

Quick brunch uptown at Greek restaurant Kefi the other weekend. Nothing too crazy, but spacious interior with a lot of breathing room and bright furnishings with a lot of standard brunch options and a few Greek-ier choices like souvlaki and pasta dishes. Portions were big, which was nice for a price point of around $9. The Egg pita wrap came with crispy kettle chips and a sizeable Greek salad, both crisp and fresh, well dressed.

The wrap was soft and tender and had a good weight to it, fluffy eggs, fried potatoes and peppers and sausage. The egg outweighed the other ingredients slightly. Quiet place, average prices for a good brunch. I would like to try dinner out and some of the grilled octopus dishes, which would probably be more denotative of the restaurant. Pleasant place overall.  

505 Colombus Ave., New York, NY 10024, 212 873 0200, Kefi
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Jess said...

I've been wanting to go here forever—this was a good reminder.

Sylvanna Chains said...

I always wanted find an excellent New York catering restaurant. It seems that Kefi Restaurant will be my next restaurant to visit next week because of your review of their food. Do you have a picture of some parts of that restaurant?

Private chef in bristol said...

The food looks so delicious!