Tuesday, February 28, 2012

White Bear - Flushing

This post is NSFW. These are the most disgustingly sexy dumplings you have ever set your eyes on. Arousal is immediate and inevitable. And I'm not sorry. Look at the smattering of hot oil.

I heard this place was some of, if not, the best dumplings in NYC--possibly the country. Quite the statement to take seriously when dumplings have become increasingly popular and seem to be taking spots on menus everywhere. White Bear delivered with modesty though, the small hole in the wall store has maybe enough room for 7 people to sit inside with a small counter for ordering and a very simple menu of different dumpling dishes. Everything is extremely cheap. I think we ordered dumplings with spicy sauce and dumplings with hot oil and the total bill was $6.

All the dumplings were steamed, not fried or boiled. Thin wrapping with very tender and flavorful pork fillings. These are Sichuan style dumplings I believe and the hot sauce is actually pretty mild so you can add your own heat as needed. The sauce is a medley of pickled cabbage, sauteed onions and chili oil that is addictive--it's almost depressing after eating dumplings with this preparation, as if you somberly now understand that your dumpling standards have risen to a insanely high peak.

The dumplings with hot oil (pictured above the dumplings with hot sauce) were more modest in presentation, but equally satisfying. The small plate of oil is actually on filled with a shallow pool of oil maybe 1cm deep. Huh? But then you simply glean your dumpling on it and pop it into your mouth to discover FLAVOR MELTDOWN. I don't know what makes the oil bring out the savory meat flavors so much, but it was surprising. A wonderful surprise.

Go there. Call me and I'll come too. I will eat all the dumplings.

135-02 Roosevelt Ave No. 5, Flushing, NY 11354
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Disgustingly sexy dumplings....greatest description ever.