Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop - Lower East Side

There's a lot of hype surrounding Tiny's. Most of the rave reviews mention delicious, large, sandwiches for super cheap--I'd hate to say that's not the complete truth, but that it's still a decent place. First off, it's a pretty cool storefront if you want a cool joint to eat at in LES--perhaps if you want to eat and talk with a few friends for lunch. I think a lot of the overly-hyped reviews are products of the atmosphere and location: it's a pretty cool place and cheap for the neighborhood it's in, however I put things more in perspective or at least try to.

First the quality of the sandwich was not exceptional, it was very basic and none of the ingredients stood out in terms of quality either. The roast beef sandwich was rather on the small side and came with melted Swiss and small, almost diced,  red peppers, with a proportionally generous amount of roast beef. The sandwich was tasty, hot, and savory. The melted cheese and juicy roast beef was nice as always. The peppers were negligible and it costs extra for mushrooms, which is pretty disappointing for an $8 sandwich of this size. The size of the sandwich was more on the tiny side than the self-proclaimed giant side and for $8 I was expecting something heftier. And for such a small sandwich it took them a while to prepare I'd say around 10 minutes of wait time.

For the same price point or less I would prefer Parisi Bakery or a Banh Mi--both of these places would yield more food for the same or less amount of money (a lot less at Banh Mi). I would say Parisi and Alidoro far outshine Tiny's in terms of sandwich specialty places. All in all, I'd say Tiny's is only a couple notches ahead of corner deli sandwiches and even then I've had some really good corner deli sandwiches (don't discount those guys!). Tiny's is a par on the course so go ahead and try it out. The main difference between Tiny's and places like Parisi and Alidoro is that Tiny's it cool, it's a trendy place with cool decor--places like Alidoro and Parisi are all about the food--you can tell these guys have been making sandwiches all their life--hell, it is their life; at Tiny's it's just their day job or part time gig.

129 Rivington St., New York, NY 10002, 212 982 1690, 

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