Thursday, September 10, 2009

Great NY Noodle Town - Chinatown

Noodle Town. How can you resist a place called Noodle Town? You can't. This is another great, cheap stop in Chinatown. It's also right near the only and best arcade in Manhattan on Mott St. and the delicious bakeries on Bayard St. You can stop in Noodletown and grab a cheap meal fast and even when you decide to dine-in it is one of the fastest places I've ever been. I think I've never had to wait more than a couple minutes for my food to be brought out. Most dishes are around $4-$6 and are large so it's a great place to go if you have a group of people low on cash and large on appetites.

A great tactic for this place is stopping by and dishing out $4 for a roast pork over rice which includes a huge container with a bed of rice, steamed cabbage, and a layer of roast pork over the top. It's a lot of food and you can watch the butcher right next to the cashier hack away at one of those pig shanks you see hanging in the windows with a huge cleaver--cool. Then he drizzles it with sauce and hands it to the cashier. Let me reiterate--this is a lot of food for $4. In the picture above I couple it with 8 pork dumplings for $2 from Vanessa's Dumpling House on Eldridge St. to make a huge meal that is probably way too filling for any normal human being.

There are a lot of other good choices here like various noodle dishes, lo mein, roast duck over rice, and you can order meat by the pound too. For $8 you can get a pound of soy sauce chicken or BBQ chicken and for $9 you can get a pound of roast duck. Great place all in all, definitely a trademark Dine or Death location.

28 1/2 Bowery St., New York, NY 10013, 212 349 0932, yelp page
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