Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slainte - Bowery

I normally would have never went here, but since my friend started working here I tried it out. It's certainly not terrible, but there's a lot of things I have problems with. First is the prices, this is a more touristy and conventional sports bar type of place--it's on Bowery right about Houston so it gets a lot of the moneybags from people in SoHo/Broadway area. Secondly, it's a sports bar. And third of all, it's Irish, which pretty much means the food is either awful or sub-par and I'm not too fond of paying $10 bucks for a cruddy hamburger. So don't do that.

Bangers and mash--simple, traditionally Irish--how could they mess it up? Well, they did. I'm pretty sure the onion gravy was canned, the sausage was unflavorful and most likely frozen with no kick at all, and the mashed potatoes might have been the only somewhat decent part of the dish--although bland. I know the Irish are not known for their quality of food, but c'mon, for $12 I expected much more. I also got a cheeseburger here one time and it was a similar story--my medium rare burger was well done and dry--an overall tasteless experience.

The beer isn't terribly expensive, but usually more than $5. There's $3 Miller Lites for happy hour and sometimes, randomly, there's $3 Yuenglings. The environment isn't much to look at either--it pretty much looks like a Bennigans with big dark wooden benches and tables and some sparse, lame, Irish trinkets. I'm not a huge fan of television screens everywhere either--but that might just be me since I generally go to bars to escape digital things.

The one thing I would recommend if you went here is the sweet potato fries. They're delicious and they're cheap. $3 will get you a "small" which is surprisingly very generous and $5 will get you a huge tub of fries. My suggestion would be to go during happy hour and slurp down Miller Lites or Yuengling (if it's $3) and chow on fries. Otherwise, there's not much other reason to go here when there's a lot cheaper places to eat and drink just a couple avenues to the east.

304 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, 212 253 7030, www.slaintenyc.com

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