Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buk Kyung - Allston

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I doubt many of the college kids in Allston frequent this place since it's not that noticeable with a modest storefront and Korean name. But it's pretty awesome and if you're a fan of good Korean food at a good price then definitely head in.

The ingredients here are more fresh than your average restaurant, so veggies have more snap and flavor and you don't feel like you just ate frozen/pre-cooked/greasy stuff. The banchans (little free side plates) you get are nice little extras of kimchi, Korean pickles/radish, and some lesser ones as well. there are two dishes here that I recommend especially. First, jajang myun which is a noodle dish in black bean sauce with potatoes, pork, cucumbers and onions--this is their specialty according to many people and rightfully so. My mother who is very Korean liked it so that should be a testament to its authenticity. I liked it too, so that's . . . something too, right?

The other dish I'd suggest here is the jam bong which is first, a sweet name, and second a tasty seafood noodle soup. It's spicy too--very spicy. It's loaded with thick chewy noodles, squid, shrimp, and other assorted seafood as well as a lot of various veggies. It's a very large bowl so you can get your fill of spicy hot noodles and seafood--wonderful.

Some other dishes that were up to snuff was the pork and beef bulgolgi (marinated, tender meat), mandus (fried dumplings), and seafood scallion pancakes. I think for the above pictured meal--appetizers aren't in view--which fed a voracious family of four came to around $50-60.

151 Brighton Ave., Allston, MA 02134, 617 254 2775 yelp page

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