Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Park Avenue - Weehawken

One of the more upscale restaurants in Weehawken, The Park Avenue is a three level brownstone that has a pub setting on the 1st floor with access to a private courtyard, a dining area on the 2nd floor with a balcony, a 3rd floor lounge and a rooftop deck for cocktailing. Pretty impressive.

Since the prices tend to rise as you climb up to the Park Avenue's higher levels--I remained in the first floor bar area where they serve a variety of American bar food with some Latin nuances. It's definitely more formal than your average sports bar, but nonetheless it is very much so a sports bar in every definition, which means television screens everywhere and, at the time, even a huge projector screen for football spectators.

I enjoy the peculiar way that restaurants tend to put the word California in a dish's name simply to denote that something has avocado in it--as if everything Californian is comprised of ripe green flesh. And so I ordered a California Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich was actually excellent: large and hearty with a thick cutlet of grilled chicken that was cooked tenderly and remained moist throughout. Layered on top were long slices of avocado, red onions, mozzarella, and chipotle sauce. Sure, it may not be a groundbreaking combination, but they do execute it well--I especially enjoyed that the chipotle had a stronger kick than the average dressing.

The fries were actually notable--particularly crispy and the grease eluded me. With the beer it came to around $15, more or less when factoring in tip. The staff was good. Our server was congenial and attentive, but not overbearing and explained the current ongoings of the bar such as the deal on domestic beer they were having and the deal on buffalo wigs during football season.

I guess I can like a sports bar.

3417 Park Avenue, Union city, NJ 07087, 201 617 7274,

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