Thursday, December 4, 2008

Upper Crust and Bostone: Pizza Rivalry

Upper Crust tends to get mixed reactions from a broad range of people in Boston. Some love it, some say it's overpriced, some say it's the best--others: the worst. I'll try to give you as objective of a review as possible--because I usually do that, I think.

Let's start with some circumstantial logic. Upper Crust is a decent chain with a lot of location in the Boston area and they win numerous local awards every year. They specialize in Neapolitan style pizza, which denotes very thin triangle slices with a mild presence of sauce. It's good, neither heavy in your stomach nor greasy--no excess oil surplus here. However, consider that some will say that it gets very hard and chewy if not eaten while fresh--I have experienced this before.

The Contrast:

I'll assert that on Newbury St. Upper Crust's antithesis is Bostone. Bostone is not a chain so it lacks the availability that Upper Crust has. Also an award-winning pizza joint, Bostone offers Neapolitan style pizza, but shifts focus to Sicilian pizza, which denotes thick, square-shaped pizza with a heartier consistency than Neapolitan. Bostone has notably greasier Neapolitan slices than upper Crust, but their Sicilian pizza is excellent in all variables.

Both are similarly priced with a slice coming to around $3-4. Although expect a large price jump from the Neapolitans to the Sicilian, which can cost anywhere between $18-40 depending on how many toppings and if you get a small or large. If you do get a large Sicilian though, you will see why it's so expensive--they are colossal.


Get both. See if you prefer Upper Crust's Neapolitan or Bostone's Sicilian. That'd be the easiest way. I prefer Bostone's Sicilian, more filling, more irregular (Neapolitan seems more the standard) and the texture is amazing--a blend of crisp crust that crunches when you bite and soft and doughy on top.

Bostone: 225 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02115, 617 536 9451,
Upper Crust: Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Watertown,


Anonymous said...

Ah but Bostone's delivery guys have never tried to kill me and Upper Crust has this nasty biker who rides the sidewalks and endangers everyone he meets.

I'll give the edge to Bostone. At least they have the sense not to terrorize the neighborhood with a big sign on the back of the bike.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon,

Don't take it personally. Everyone's trying to kill you.