Friday, October 10, 2008

Billy's Breakfast - South End

Billy's epitomizes the mission of Dine or Death: cheap, good food. Straight facts here, leave your pretenses at the door. The quaint, homestyle diner is simple and a bit drab looking from it's view on Berkeley St., but that's usually an indicator that this place is legit--and it is.

A Greek place at heart, Billy's serves fair priced steak tip dinners, Greek salads, falafels, gyros, and other Greek inspired entrees along with a slew of breakfast choices on the same level. I've heard that momentous eating occasions have been created by their pancakes, omelets, and falafels specifically. My living quarters are in close proximity to Billy's so it's place I'll drop in to grab a couple breakfast sandwiches while I'm doing laundry or other small errands. In this case, I juggled two standard bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel sandwiches.

The sandwiches are certainly larger, more filling, and better tasting than your typical frozen sandwich a la Dunkin' Donuts or other chains. The cooks fry up the eggs to your liking (over-easy please! Drippy egg yolk is vital to my existence) and compact it with cheese and bacon on a buttered bagel. Sure, it's not the healthiest meal, but for a quick and filling breakfast for around $7 that's a great deal. Obviously, if you're in the mood for something crisp you should get one of their enormous Greek salads with a plethora of goodies in tow.

57 Berkeley St., Boston, MA 02116, 617 426 1822
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