Sunday, August 10, 2008

McCormick & Schmick's - Back Bay

Cheap food does not always denote good food.

But that doesn't mean it has to be bad food.

My friend, Brendan, informed me that McCormick & Schmick's has a happy hour sort of deal between 10 p.m. and midnight on weekdays where they serve very cheap food. Very cheap, we're talking $2 cheeseburgers, $3 hot wings, $4 mussels and more. Naturally, my interest was perked and we ventured over to try several of these options.

I will start with the best: the cheeseburger. Worth $2? I'd say so. It's a 1/2 pound burger with lettuce, tomato, red onions and American cheese accompanied by a small amount of fries. No complaints here. For me, it was better than a fast food burger and the fries were standard. I'd suggest coming here and just ordering 2-3 of these burgers if you're in the mood for a good deal of food on the cheap side.

I also made the odd choice to order a shrimp cocktail--I imagined a glass a with maybe 2-3 medium to smallish sized shrimp with a dollop of cocktail sauce in the glass. I mean this is supposedly a good seafood restaurant or say they say. In reality, I was served a spoonful of canned shrimp drowned in cocktail sauce over lettuce. Have you ate lettuce and cocktail sauce? Well, don't. This one was $3--more than the burger. I don't know why either. I try to be objective and straightforward--so don't get this.

The hummus and pita chip plate seemed like a good idea. you can't really mess up two things that require no preparation whatsoever. But this is where McCormick & Schmick's served up another surprise. The pita chips were stale. I can go on record and say that you could bend the majority of them without having them break--so if origami interests you you may like these. The hummus did not look like hummus, which says a lot for a food that looks sort of like clay. Did I mention the hummus was hard? It was. This one was $2.

Lastly, I tried a hot wing and it was acceptable. Although for $4 they only give you around six or seven of them. But compared to the hummus and shrimp cocktail their quality astounds. When it comes down to the line though, the cheeseburger remains the champion of the night.

34 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA 02116, 617 482 3999,
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Chris said...

You should go back and sit down at the restaurant portion of it. Seriously delicious sea food, that is verrrrrry expensive.