Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thai Terminal - East Village

Airports suck. I mean they used to suck, but now they really suck. Everyone's rushing around trying to make flights; finding out their flight was delayed or cancelled; missing their luggage, etc.

Luckily, this terminal had no lines or delays. A more uniquely designed restaurant, Thai Terminal is a narrow, er, well, terminal. What makes it stand out is the white tile floor and walls that are dimly lit with candles and on nice nights the storefront is left completely open.

We started off with an average appetizer sampler of steamed shrimp dumplings, spring rolls, wings, and peanut dumplings. Basic stuff, no interesting twists other than the peanut dumplings which were new to me and surprisingly good with a soft steamed outer layer with a mellow, nutty, paste inside.

I got the Cashew Chicken with sticky rice and I thought I'd make it a point to tell you that Caitlin's dish was called "Chicken Breast Festival." Yep.

The chicken was juicy and sliced into moderate-sized chunks and buried in a healthy amount of onions, cashews, celery, and peppers. Could of used some more chili paste, but it was still adequately spicy I suppose. The vegetables were great and had a good amount of snap to them and still retained the flavors of the curry--I'd say the vegetables out shined the chicken here. Average sticky rice, which means great sticky rice.

Entree with choice of rice: $8 (nice!). One Sapporo: $4. Great deal for a nice meal in an intriguing environment. Our total for three people with appetizers, 3 entrees, and drinks came to $57 without tip.

Chicken Breast Festival.

349 E 12th St., East Village, New York, 10003, 212-614-0155
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