Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gee Whiz - Tribeca

Ok, listen for a minute. This is serious.

I love steak, rib-eye steaks, enter a couple over-easy eggs into the equation and I'm more than content.

So why did you order a ham steak? Why, Sean?

Let's give me a break and chalk this one up to the fact that I thought:

Hm, ham steak? I should get that because I very often eat steak and eggs and this could be a break in the horizon towards something new and potentially great.

I was wrong. It was OK for the first couple bites and then it felt like lead in my stomach and too buttery on my tongue. Which is something to say for someone who can down an entire rib eye with the works without breaking a sweat. The menu proclaimed this Virgina ham steak to be accompanied by potatoes, toast, and eggs anyway you want. And to their credit: french fries certainly are made of potatoes.

After glancing over our table after the food had arrived I noticed that the majority of the items we had were fried. I don't often make it a point to think of what I eat as unhealthy, but this was definitely one time where I felt a little 'greasy.' And for someone eats a lot that is a dark place to wander during a meal.

I'll give them kudos for the over-easy eggs though, no broken yolks here. Large portions and decent prices? check and check. Staff was nice--although I guess I should mention that our waitress was a bit out of it. She got our ordered fine and everything, she just seemed a little . . . off kilter? Strong Eastern European accent, glazed over eyes, and seemingly half-asleep. I don't think she was high. Anyways, I thought she was cool.

Pros: good prices, large portions, friendly and mysterious staff.
Cons: greasy and fried diner food, Sean sucks at ordering things he likes sometimes.

295 Greenwich St, At Chambers St, New York 10007, 212-608-7200
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