Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amsterdam Cafe - South End

OK, this is not a "coffee shop." There will be no jokes of the 4:20 kind. So, just don't.

This cafe is painted very bright shades in accordance with it's artistic theme. The sandwiches are even named after somewhat famous painters like Van Gogh and, in this case, Rembrandt.

Blah blah blah, I'm smart and know about artists if I look them up on Wikipedia--but I'm not going to do that, because I'm honest.

Russian dressing, cole slaw, hot pastrami, corned beef, and swiss on your choice of bread (I chose multi-grain) in the architectural styling of a double decker. Well done, chic cafe, way to stick to a theme and execute it well.

Damage: $6.50. I'm not really seeing any reason why you should pass this up. Are you? Maybe I'm missing something.

I wonder if the Dutch Golden Age included sandwiches.

517 Columbus Ave., Boston 02116, 617 437 6400
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Chris said...

One time, while I was living on Hemenway Street, friends and to speak...were kind of, I guess you could say, "high". Anywho, after deliberating over who would make the call, I tried to order and somehow everything went wrong. So Andrea called back and it took them over an hour to get there and the food made me really sick. I liked it up until then.
Bottom line is, you should mention they poison you if you suspect that they suspect you're high.