Saturday, June 7, 2008

The King and I - Beacon Hill

I don't get Thai very often, but I have been to The King and I several times and I've never been disappointed. It's right near the Charles T stop and it has a nice, formal interior. Everything seems to be prepared fresh--no limp veggies. Which goes hand-in-hand with their vegetarian-friendly attitude and their option to make any dish "vegetarianized."

I got the Matsaman Curry, which was a pleasant blend of green beans, cashews, potatoes, tomatoes, and beef drenched in a mildly spicy curry. The flavor overall wasn't overpowering and was a well-balanced meal. After clearing the plate I didn't feel bloated or gross--simply satisfied. Definitely worth the $11.95.

Our check came to $55.50 for three people: 3 entrees and 2 appetizers--not bad at all for a nice, dare I say classy, dinner. This is a good place for a date. It's really quiet inside and the staff is very friendly--your water glass will never be empty.

145 Charles St # 1, Boston, MA 02114, (617) 227-3320

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