Monday, June 30, 2008

Hope and Anchor - Red Hook

After a few hours of wandering the harrowed halls of the new Ikea in Red Hook our fellowship took refuge in the serenity of the Hope and Anchor a place many would deem upon entering as "hip." Whatever that means.

Aside from having a sweet name for a diner, the small bar and diner was quiet and had friendly staff--our waitress was more amicable than most. I ordered a classic with a twist: the turkey club, but topped with sweet onions. They even split it into quarters to create a miniature fortress for my fries--I'm down with that. Wash it down with a smooth Belgium Ale a la Wittekerke and that's one solid lunch.

The sandwich was good, crisp tomato and lettuce and a satisfying amount of turkey and muenster. Crisp bacon makes everything feel OK in the world too. The sweet onions were a good addition in theory, but I think I would have preferred the standard red onions only because the sweet onions were much colder than the rest of the ingredients (kind of weird?) and didn't really mesh well with the rest of the sandwich in temperature and texture. Fries were better than average, not greasy, thinly sliced, and exceedingly crispy.

Sandwich and beer: $12. Definitely worth it. For three people? $40 minus tip. Highly recommended--plus they do karaoke!
347 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn, New York 11231, 718-237-0276

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